Research environment and major research questions


Expected project output and long-lasting impact


Preliminary task planning


Overview per year (de facto)


  • Ongoing: a CEFR-reassessment of SweLL-gold essays (Therese and Elena; potentially Ricardo for automatic essay assessment; if portal: Maria)
  • One accepted poster at an onomastics workshop ICOS (Finland)
  • One accepted and presented article at LREC-Coling (Italy, May)
  • Two accepted and presented articles at CALD-pseudo workshop (Malta, March)
  • CALD-pseudo workshop @ EACL, Malta (21 March) with 10 accepted papers and two keynotes (Ildikó Pilán, Anders Søgaard) + proceedings
  • Announcement and employment of a PhD student in Linguistics (Finland, Helsinki), from February 2024


  • Open House, Gothenburg (November) with invited speakers and panelists (Rada Mihalcea, Boel Nelson, Karoline Marko; Hercules Dalianis, Peter Ljunglöf, Ylva Byrman)
  • Re-annotation of SweLL-pilot to follow SweLL-gold pseudonymization format
  • Application for an ACL workshop (approved)
  • Announcement and employment of a PhD student in NLP (Sweden, Gothenburg) from 1 October 2023
  • An article at IEEE
  • NLP4CALL workshop (Faroe Islands, May) with a keynote on pseudonymization (Pierre Lison)
  • Project kick-off (Gothenburg, March) with an invited speaker Pierre Lison
  • Webpage on github:
  • Formalities and admin (budgets, contracts, etc)



  • Email:
  • Post: Språkbanken Text, SFS department, University of Gothenburg, Box 200, 405 30 Gothenburg
  • Visiting address: Renströmsgatan 6, Gothenburg (Humanisten)